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Windows 7 upgrade deadline approaching

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Windows 7 upgrade deadline approaching

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Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 on January 14th, 2020. What does this mean to you? 

No Upgrades or Security Patches from Microsoft 

While your copy of Windows 7 will continue to work as before, Microsoft will no longer be offering updates or most importantly, security patches. This means your copy of Windows 7 will be vulnerable to hacker and ransomware exploits. While this doesn’t necessarily mean your system will get hacked, it leaves you highly vulnerable to malware exploitation such as ransomware, a growing threat to small businesses that we see every day. 

Malware remediation services will be billable for all clients 

Since your Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft, and new security vulnerabilities found in Windows 7 will not be patched, 3Nines Technologies will no longer be able to offer malware protection for Windows 7 computers. This leaves you vulnerable to ransomware and viruses. We will continue to offer desktop support for our managed service customers, but remediation services for infected Windows 7 computers will be not be free, but will be billed at hourly rates, even for our Point9 Managed Service Desktop clients. 

Windows 7 end -of-life deadline is January 14, 2020. After that time Microsoft will no longer offer security upgrades and patches. This means your Windows 7 computers will be vulnerable to ransomware, hacking, and malware.

How to Upgrade from Windows 7 

There are two paths you can choose when upgrading from Windows 7 – upgrade your existing computer or replace it with a new computer running Windows 10. 3Nines will work with you to understand the equipment you have in place, the cost of upgrading current systems, and the price of simply replacing current computers with new systems. As always, we provide trusted advice the best path forward, providing you with options that allow you to choose the path that fits your needs and budget. 

New Computers with Windows 10 

For many clients, moving to a new computer with Windows 10 will be the recommended. 3Nines can provide you a quote for a new replacement system with either new monitors or using your existing monitors. You can also choose to purchase your own units and have us install our managed services and anti-malware security software on your own devices. Unless you have a fairly new computer with Windows 7 installed, we find in most cases it is more cost-effect to replace older Windows 7 machines with newer Windows 10 computers. 

Upgrading Existing Computers to Windows 10 

In some cases where you have a newer computer with Windows 7 installed, it may make more sense to simply upgrade the operating system to Windows 10. Some new computers sold in the past 3 years came with a license for both Windows 7 and Windows 10. Many line of business applications were not compatible with Windows 10 and so we had to install Windows 7 instead. In this case you will not need to purchase a Windows 10 license and will simply need to pay for the labor cost to upgrade the computer. If your computer does not have a license for Windows 10, you will need to pay for both the license and the labor involved to upgrade to Windows 10. In this case it may be more cost-effective to simply install a new computer with Windows 10 already included. The choice will be yours. We will provide you options. 

Since your Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft, and new security vulnerabilities found in Windows 7 will not be patched, 3Nines will no longer be able to offer our monitored desktop clients malware protection labor free of charge for Windows 7 computers. For customers that can not run Windows 10 due to outdated applications that don’t support it, we require our Security bundle be purchased to protect the Windows 7 machines.

Upgrade Soon Before the Deadline Approaches 

We expect that many clients will delay Windows 7 upgrades and that the closer we get to the Windows 7 end-of-life deadline, the busier we will be trying to upgrade systems to Windows 10. 3Nines highly recommends that you plan, order and schedule your upgrades soon before the crunch hits so you can get your upgrades implemented before support ends and malware hits.  Call us soon so we can be sure and get scheduled before the end of the year! We have a lot of staff off around the Christmas holiday, so it is going to be crazy!

Contact us for information and a quote on upgrading your systems to Windows 10. 

Point9 Managed Desktop Security Service 

Once we upgrade your computer to Windows 10, 3Nines highly recommends subscribing to our Point9 Managed Desktop Services, which provides advanced real-time security monitoring and protection for your Windows 10 computers.

Point9 Managed Desktop Services details

  • SentinelOne Anti-Malware – Provides malware detection using artificial intelligence and machine learning, which means you are protected against malware that is not yet known. The software will learn how you use your computer and will block any unusual activity until it is approved.
  • Kaseya VSA – This automation tool allows us to securely manage your desktop and automatically creates open service tickets. We can use it to schedule upgrades, patch your system, and maintain your security – all remotely from our office.
  • AutoElevate – This product ensures that malware and ransomware cannot gain operating system administration level access to your computer. Without administrative access, most malware attacks can’t be installed, thwarting the attack.
  • ID Agent – This service monitors the dark web for illicit use of your passwords and notifies you and our tech support staff of any problems. This way we can let you know that your security has been compromised and you can change passwords to protect your devices.