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Why speed is critical to prevent ransomware attacks

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Why speed is critical to prevent ransomware attacks

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During cyber-security attacks, time is our enemy. Once a cyber-attack begins, it happens at machine speed. The cyber-criminal has programmed the malware to infect your computer instantly and begin encrypting files, spreading to your server, taking over your email, and wreaking havoc with your system. It is important to stop this these infections as soon as they happen. By the time you call us to report a problem with your computer, it is too late.

In fact, it is important to start protecting your systems BEFORE the attack. Before the malware hits and begins encrypting your data. The benefit we – you and your 3Nines team – have is that we can get control of the computer BEFORE the malware attack happens. Before it is ever connected to the network or a user logs into the system.

Speed is critical during a cyber-security attack.

That is why 3Nines now uses artificial intelligence based anti-malware software from SentinelOne. This software does not wait to get updated with virus signatures from a central site. While it does use signature-based anti-virus algorithms to provide a high degree of protection against known threats, it more importantly uses AI technology to monitor for unknown threats. For example, if SentinelOne sees a Word document trying to get root access to your operating system, it will stop access and lock the computer from the network so the malware cannot spread, and then notify our Network Operations Center of a suspected malware attack. All this happens at machine speed – almost instantly – before the malware has time to do significant damage or spread to other machines.

Stopping malware before it can do damage and locking it off the network – all at machine speed based on AI technology – puts you and your 3Nines team ahead of the malware cyber-criminals. We can stop them in their tracks before they can do significant damage.

Take Away

  • Speed is critical in stopping malware attacks.
  • Malware happens at machine speed. We must protect at machine speed.
  • Artificial intelligence-based anti-malware software allows us to stop new, as-yet unknown threats.
  • Automated notification to 3Nines Network Operations Center speeds the process of stopping the spread of malware.