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Tech Tip Tuesday: IT Staff Shortage

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Tech Tip Tuesday: IT Staff Shortage

  • by Jason Robison |
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In 2021, almost 150,000 jobs were added to the IT job market nationwide. The pandemic has put cybersecurity, cloud computing, work from home initiatives, and other IT segments in the spotlight. Small, medium, and enterprise sized business are all competing for talent. However, knowledgeable keyboard experienced talent is becoming hard to come by, and expensive. It can be even more costly to hire someone who doesn’t have the knowledge and experience needed to support your business.

One challenge of hiring one IT professional to oversee a business’s IT environment is that some are fantastic at only one aspect of IT. There is simply too much information for one person to know in today’s fast changing tech world. And if you happen to find one with a vast amount of knowledge it will be very expensive.

Benefits of an MSP Partnership

Partnering with an MSP (Managed Service Provider) like 3Nines gives your business access to a full support team with experience and knowledge diversity versus an individual that is trying to do it all. You may already have an IT professional on your team and have no intention to outsource their job. This is where an MSP can come along side your current staff and provide support for projects and other IT needs to lighten their workload. Co-managed IT environments make a ton of since financially and your IT staff will have support when they can’t find the answer on Google.

Freeing up additional funds to reallocate to other initiatives is a big benefit to hiring an MSP. Another benefit, operational efficiency by ensuring all your tools are working together. These are just a couple of ways businesses benefit by partnering with an MSP. Having a conversation with a reputable MSP is a great first step to effectively managing your IT needs. Visit the blog post “What Questions to Ask When Hiring an MSP” to learn how to determine what MSP is right for your business.