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Small Business Cyber Crime & 911

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Small Business Cyber Crime & 911

Small businesses are calling 911 to report cyber crime and request help.

Before coming to 3nines Technologies, our Service Coordinator Heather Hatchett was a 911 dispatcher for 12 years.  During one of those water-cooler conversations, she made a sobering statement that caused me to think about the following question.

Who does a small business call when they are a victim of a cyber crime?

Believe it or not, Heather fielded at least one call a month from a small business that had been a victim of cyber crime.  Unfortunately, there was simply nothing 911 could do to help.

Businesses big and small will have to deal with a cyber attack eventually. Every business should have a digital security plan in place to decrease the probability of a breach.  At 3Nines we work with businesses to implement and install hardware, software, applications, and policies and procedures to decrease the chances of being attacked. It is essential that your business has a proactive security posture as a part of your whole I.T. strategy.

Who will you call when a breach happens to your business? Do you have a digital security strategy in place to decrease the risk of a breach?

Don’t wait until you experience a cyber attack to make the right call. Call us today to stop the threat before it happens. Our remediation services are available to all 3Nines contract customers. 

Give us a call today at 405-488-8000 to learn about the contract options we have available. Or click the button below to have one of our team members give you a call.

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