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Security Needs as Tech Evolved

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Security Needs as Tech Evolved

  • by Jason Robison |
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In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee created an information system that we would come to know as the World Wide Web (WWW). The operating systems Linux and Windows came out in the early 1990s making computers and the internet accessible to non-technical people. So, security needs were not yet a huge necessity. However, that would soon change.

The rate at which hardware got faster, so did the amount of content we consumed. “Google it” became a verb and social media started to surface. The more we put our lives on the web the more targets criminals saw in their cross hairs.

Protecting our data was easy back in the glory days of the internet and networking. If you had Anti-virus you were good, for the most part. Now, with lightning-fast processors and fiber connections, the amount of data we can store and access on the internet is mind-blowing. The days of basic anti-virus protecting our computers and data are over.

Basic isn’t Good Enough…

All businesses that are connected to the internet need to assess their security needs and know what digital security tools are being implemented and if they are set up correctly. A sample of a security mistake we see on a regular basis would be a non-business grade router installed in a business setting. Not good! Residential firewalls that are installed and running on default settings are pretty common. We often see basic anti-virus that is installed, but the license has expired. So, unfortunately, some businesses that call us have already experienced a security breach on some level due to common security mistakes.


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