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Save that Microsoft Office 365 License fee!

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Save that Microsoft Office 365 License fee!

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When an employee leaves – or is terminated – how do you make sure you are no longer paying a monthly license fee for their Microsoft Office 365 email account? Maybe you don’t want to delete the account yet because they may have old emails that you want to access. Or the terminated employee may get important customer emails that someone else in the company needs to handle. 

Karl Cooper, a Senior Desktop Support Tech for 3Nines, had just this scenario happen recently for a 3Nines Technologies contract client. The client wanted to keep the email account active so they could access old emails and still process new emails sent to the ex-employee’s account. The client was prepared to keep paying the monthly fee for the Microsoft Office account. 

Karl informed the client that he could accomplish the same thing yet allow the client to cancel the Microsoft Office 365 account and save that monthly fee. Of course the client was ecstatic to save money and still get what they needed.

Karl’s first task was to export the employee’s existing email into a Microsoft .PST file. This file format allowed Karl to copy the file to the employee’s supervisor’s computer. The supervisor can then look at all the past emails for that employee. The .PST file can be moved to any computer the company likes and opened with a copy of Microsoft Outlook. 

3Nines Technologies can manage our client’s Office 365 Licenses through our Partner Portal, making it easy to add, remove, or change users and emails.

Next up Karl went into the Microsoft Partner Center, where we manage our client’s Office 365 licenses – and removed the Office 365 license from that user, freeing it up for another user or to cancel so the client can save money. Karl created an alias in Active Directory that forwarded all email for the terminated employee to the supervisor.  

With this solution the company still received any inbound emails to the ex-employee but did not have to keep an Office 365 license for the ex-employee. And using the .PST file they had access to all the old emails for that employee. 

Another example of how the engineers at 3Nines Technologies was able to solve customer problems and save them money at the same time.