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Purchasing Services

Purchasing dependable, compatible and long-term supportable IT assets like laptops, desktops, servers and even software licenses requires more than going to the local big box store and looking for the best deals. The reliable, secure operations of your business is far more important than the few dollars you might save by purchasing these types of products from a big box store.   This is fine for home computers, but not your business. 

Purchasing IT assets is fraught with compatibility errors and technical jargon. 3Nines Technologies Purchasing Services assures you get the right product for the right project, on-time and on budget. So you can focus on your business, not your IT infrastructure.

With most businesses, labor is the most expensive component of their ongoing operating costs. So many times, businesses call us to come out to install a computer that they purchased themselves only for us to find that it has an incompatible operating system.  We then spend several hours at $125/hour taking that operating system off and installing the right one.   That money you thought you were saving, just cost you more.   Or we’ll spend an hour removing unnecessary, unneeded and useless software that was installed by the manufacturer (usually HP or Dell).  That software is just taking up valuable disk space or could conflict with software 3Nines would install such as our security stack. 


3Nines Technology engineers and support staff work in the IT world every day. They are intimately familiar with Windows licensing; Microsoft Office 365 compatibility and what products work well in certain environments compared to others.  For example, we have had clients bring in low-cost close-out special laptops from Best Buy, asking us to load the appropriate software and deploy the units to their field personnel. Invariably, the client ends up spending more money in 3Nines Technologies engineering labor trying to get the system to work properly than they saved in the low-cost purchase.  What graphics card does it have in it and will it work with your applications?  How much memory do you need?  Is the local disk a SSD or standard electro-mechanical drive?   How big is the local drive and what do you really need?  Poor product choices can mean increased business cost and downtime, as well as an even more important loss – the productivity of your employees.    

As many IT clients have learned, a “deal” is seldom “a deal.” 

Terry Suellentrop, 3Nines Technologies CEO

How can 3Nines Help with your purchasing process? 

3Nines Technologies has connections to vendor technical representatives who can help us when configuring complex technology. While our staff is highly technical, nobody can be an expert in all the products and services needed in today’s highly complex IT environments. Our vendors provide support specialists available to our staff to answer technical questions, configure complex IT assets like servers, and answer questions quickly and efficiently so we can get you the best product to fit your needs at the best price – quickly, efficiently and affordably. That way you can focus on your business while we focus on the technology. 

Doesn’t it cost us more money? 

Not generally. In fact, many clients use 3Nines Technologies purchasing services because it SAVES them money. No incorrect configurations, no wasted time trying to understand the technical details such as Microsoft Server licensing per processor and Office 365 licensing options and renewals, security software licensing, server hard drive and memory configurations, etc. We handle those complexities so our clients can focus on getting the technology deployed quickly and efficiently so that they can focus on their business processes, not the details of their IT environments.   We can have product shipped directly to you or we can ship it to our offices, provide installation services to install software, additional memory and get it ready for the end user, all before bringing it to your office.  This saves time on site getting the machine ready. Many customers don’t have the space to put boxes and all the packing material that comes with machines these days. It is much easier for us to deal with that before ever bringing the machine onsite. 

How do we utilize 3Nines Technologies purchasing services? 

When you need to purchase technology assets like business computers, software, licenses, switches, firewalls, servers, etc., give us a call or send an email to sales@3ninestech.com with your detailed requirements. As a managed services contract client, we will research your needs, configure a solution based on our understanding, present that solution to you for approval, and then with an initial deposit we will order the products, stage them at our warehouse, configure the products per your managed services contract, and help deploy those assets into your IT environment.  We are confident that we have been doing this for the past 20 years, we know what we are doing.  You and your staff can focus on high-value projects, not the details of ordering IT assets.