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We help determine what suits your needs.

Most companies aren’t in the technology business like we are. They are concerned with conducting their particular business and are not trying to be computer/technology experts. You can spend a lot of time, effort and money trying to be weekend computer experts. 3NINES provides our clients with a complete solution of technology services to allow them to increase productivity, communication and implement a competitive advantage through the use of this technology.

3NINES clients have the ability to buy their hardware products from a variety of sources. Clients that buy their products from 3NINES find that our prices are very competitive, plus we provide great advice on what products work and what products you want to avoid. We buy products from the largest distributors of computer products in the world. We can bring our expertise and industry knowledge to your company, making you more productive.

By using 3NINES as your procurement choice, we work hard to get you the best products at the best prices to meet your budget. We then provide storage, delivery and installation services that will provide your organization with the value you are looking for in a technology partner. 3NINES specializes in Hewlett-Packard technology products. While we are manufacturer neutral, we have had great success with HP and believe in their products. With our strong HP dealer status, we are able to support our clients in almost anything they purchase but have a better chance of success if they buy HP!

Please contact Halena Ragan at 405-488-8000 ext. 103 or Johnny Jones at ext. 112 for all of your HP and non-HP product needs! If we can’t get it for you, you probably don’t need it.

Our Partners


3NINES has been an HP dealer since our inception. We sell HP hardware products because of their reliable, proven track record in the business marketplace. Being a valued HP dealer, we can work magic to keep our clients’ systems up 99.9% (3NINES) of the time!


3NINES is a Microsoft Certified Partner. Our Infrastructure and Small Business Technology certifications give 3NINES the ability to go directly to Microsoft for support on Microsoft technology issues. Training and support from Microsoft gives our clients the assurance of having the best team on their side.


When it comes to protecting our client’s information from outside attacks, Fortinet is our best defense. 3NINES recommends Fortinet products to protect most all of our clients systems from the latest exploits, spam and denial of service attacks as well as web content filtering.

Telephone Systems

3NINES Technologies has a long tradition of providing telephone systems to our clients. We have chosen ESI for their great product line and easy to use features we all use along with great prices! Telephone systems are still today the lifeblood of a business. Even with email, texting and Internet access, if you don’t have an effective communications system, both internally between your employees and externally with your customers, you’ll struggle. That’s why 3NINES offers the easiest to use yet full featured phone systems for small to medium businesses. From traditional PBX systems to advanced Voice Over IP (VOIP) systems, we have a complete product line to meet your demanding needs. From 3 lines to 300, these systems grow with you and keep your business sounding professional.

Access Control/Security

Security cameras have come a long way since the days of VCR recordings of pretty lousy video. Today, megapixel cameras and hard disk recordings have really made an impact on quality and retention of commercial video security systems. For most 3NINES customers, the new HD-CVI technology offers 2-megapixel cameras that are as clear as you can imagine. Instead of putting your cameras on your IP network and taking up precious bandwidth competing with your line of business applications, the system uses standard RG59 coax just like you likely have connected to your TV at home. The system can be sized from 8 cameras to systems with hundreds of cameras. Call 3NINES to provide you a quote for cameras today!