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We have many clients over the years that have purchased many if not all of their network components from 3NINES. Servers, PC’s, software, printers, cabling and more.  While we will always suggest that our customers allow us to manage their IT infrastructure for them at a budget-friendly monthly price, we still have customers that want to buy their technology services a la carte and ‘non-managed’. The non-managed term means that after we install the equipment that a customer has purchased, we are not engaged by the customer to manage the system on a monthly basis.  In this case, we aren’t watching, monitoring or being alerted when something isn’t working.  We aren’t putting the latest security patches on.  We aren’t making sure that your hard drives aren’t filling up.  We aren’t advising you on how your system is doing or what you might want to budget for next year. When your backup doesn’t complete, when email stops flowing, or when a drive fills up and your server stops, we won’t know about it until you call us in a panic.

3Nines can provide all of the services below and more:

Solutions for your Business

We can sell and install all of the components for a complete network system. But the real value for our clients comes when we are able to make the necessary management adjustments, patches, updates, etc. on a timely basis. Computer networks are not like a hot water heater. You can’t put it in and it simply works for years without touching it again.   These systems are living, breathing animals that have a lot of moving parts, lots of changing and, of course, lots of bad stuff from hackers, criminals and those around the world trying to show you advertising that you don’t care about. As a result, you need to protect your data. You have to watch it. You have to manage it. You have to administrate the system that it sits on. However, this doesn’t happen easily and this process gets more complicated every year. That’s why you need 3NINES to do that for you. No one likes another monthly bill, but this is one that you truly get value out of every day so you can concentrate on your business and let us concentrate on your technology.