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Network Maintenence

Our core business competency...

As a small to medium size business, your computer network allows your employees to accomplish the tasks necessary to your operations. When the network isn’t working, you’re not very productive. 3Nines understands that uptime and reliability are very important to even the smallest of companies. Managing network infrastructure is our core competency.

Managed Services Provider

The most valuable and important part of a network is the people who support it – without the proper care and attention, the best-designed networks can fail in their fundamental mission: to serve the user. With normal everyday use, users are added, software is loaded, changes are made. If you could create a network that never changed, you could keep the cost down for maintainance. However, you wouldn’t get much productivity out of it.

3Nines understands that there is no “one size fits all” method of providing computer network support to every organization. Support needs change based on size, complexity, user skill, financial and geographic considerations. For this reason, 3Nines offers several support plans, each one is customizable to your specific needs.

1) Hourly Support

Organizations with small networks or infrequent service needs are likely to find our hourly service most economical. This service, charged by the hour, offers the flexibility of service by request or on a scheduled basis. Just call us to schedule an engineer to come on site. This can be to install new hardware you just purchased, fix a old nagging problem, or provide administrative support for your users. Usually, our computer engineering staff will schedule to get you fixed the next business day. We also do many tasks remotely. By utilizing state of the art technologies, we can remotely connect to your equipment without ever leaving our offices. You get fast service and usually at a reduced rate since we usually don’t have to travel to your site with an onsite engineer. When it is needed, we’ll be there.

2) Monthly Maintenance – Contract Support Service Agreement

For clients that have on-going networking needs for a growing number of users, 3Nines offers our Monthly Maintenance Plan. Some organizations know that with their growing network of computer systems, file servers, remote users, telephone systems and Internet access that they are going to need experienced professionals to keep them on the right track. 3Nine’s monthly support agreements allows clients to obtain discounts off of our normal hourly rates. This agreement gives the client guaranteed response times, priority service over non-contract customers and best of all, discounted hourly rates. As a part of this service, 3Nines will also access your network remotely to solve problems, saving you time. With the proper hardware and software, we can provide a lot of support for your network without ever leaving our office. The time savings and turnaround time can be substantial! Ask your 3Nines contact about getting a monthly service agreement today! We have several monthly agreement options to fit just about every need and budget. This service is a ‘reactive service’ in that we react when you call us. We are not being ‘proactive’ with this service. Should you want ‘proactive’ services, you want our Managed Network Services Agreement.

3) Managed Network Service Agreement

For clients that want a proactive, total inclusive service, this is for you. This agreement puts 3Nines in charge of your IT and in a ‘proactive’ posture. This all inclusive agreement puts 3Nines engineers on-site on scheduled regular basis, has 3Nines monitoring important server functionality and includes most everything an in house IT staff would do for the company, including the experience and expertise to guide you in advice, purchasing and standards. By adding necessary antivirus services, email filtering, etc., 3Nines becomes your IT staff, watching and monitoring all activity. By monitoring your systems proactively, many things can be caught and fixed before they become an issue! Hiring 3Nines as your IT staff will save you time, money and give you the guidance you need to grow you business.

Call 3Nines today to schedule a free consultation on any of our services.

3Nines Technologies has the experience needed working with organizations both large and small, to keep their networks running smoothly without draining their budgets! 3Nines has a staff of industry-certified and trained professionals available to service your network – and more important than their certifications, all 3Nines engineers are chosen primarily on their experience and ability to communicate in understandable terms, to listen and to implement technology the right way, the first time.

From our headquarters located in Oklahoma City, we can provide quick response times in the metro area with fast, reliable, friendly service. We can monitor your network and be ‘proactive’ instead of reactive. We’ll know when things go wrong sometimes before you do! We’re proud to back up those words with a satisfied customer list that reads like a ‘who’s who’ of Oklahoma businesses. While being vendor independent, we do have relationships and or certifications with major equipment and software manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sonicwall, Dell, Cox Communications, Cisco, Netgear, ESI, Logix Communications, AVer Information, Linksys and many others.

Call 3Nines today (488-8000 ext. 103) and ask for information for information about our monthly service plans. Don’t forget about Point 9 Offsite Backup Service, Point 9 Antivirus and Point 9 Network Monitoring. All play a role in our service offerings to enable our clients to choose what is right for them.