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Managing your desktop and server computer environment is a core part of our business at 3Nines Technology. Desktop computers are where most ransomware and malware starts, and protection and management of the these endpoint devices is the first line of defense for an organization.

3Nines Technologies advanced Point9 Security Stack features the latest state-of-the-art technology to stop ransomware attacks in their tracks, before they can wreak havoc on your network and put you out of business.

Point9 Security Stack

This service from 3Nines Technologies provides software and monitoring if each desktop computer and server to ensure the security and smooth operation of each system. We install a suite of software we call our “Security Stack” to provide a layered defense against malware, virus, and more alarmingly, ransomware attacks. Our Network Operations Center then monitors this security stack to ensure the desktop is secure and protected from unauthorized intrusion.

SentinelOne Security Software

SentinelOne is the only platform that defends every endpoint against every type of attack, at every stage in the threat lifecycle. It is our key security offering that we install on each desktop computer. It replaces Webroot, which we feel has not kept up with the advancing security and ransomware threats. SentinelOne is the most advanced anti-malware software on the market today, featuring advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Artificial Intelligence – Unlike most anti-malware software that uses virus signatures, which can easily be outdated, SentinelOne uses Static AI engine to provide pre-execution protection. The Static AI engine replaces traditional signatures and obviates recurring scans that kill end-user productivity. In addition ,SentinelOne’s Behavioral AI engines track all processes and their interrelationships regardless of how long they are active. When malicious activities are detected, the agent responds automatically at machine speed. SentinelOne’s Behavioral AI is vector-agnostic and defends against file-based malware, scripts, weaponized documents, lateral movement, file-less malware, and even zero-days threats.
  • Machine Speed– Ransomware attacks and begins encrypting your valuable data assets at machine speed. Your malware protection software must do the same thing. If you wait until you suspect a ransomware attack to call us, it is already too late. SentinelOne works instantly to detect and stop ransomware and malware attacks.
  • Malware Remediation – SentinelOne’s Automated EDR provides our operation enginners with rich forensic data and can mitigate threats automatically, perform network isolation, and auto-immunize the endpoints against newly discovered threats. As a final safety measure, SentinelOne can even rollback an endpoint to its pre-infected state.

SentinelOne is so confident in their security solution that they offer up to $1 million in malware insurance to users of SentinelOne!


The best time to protect against a malware attack is before it happens. We use a product called AutoElevate, which removes unnecessary administrator privileges and manages user and kernel access. All applications, even malware, require approval prior to installation, providing advanced protection against unknown ransomware attacks. Business applications can be pre-approved so users are not impacted.

Elevation requests are automatically checked against the VirusTotal database and then summarized, color coded, and at the fingertips of your engineers so they can make informed decisions quickly.

Audit and Remediation

In a few clicks our engineers find and fix machines that have Windows 10 User Account Control (UAC) turned off or set too low across all your computers. Additional UAC settings are incorporated to harden and improve UAC security. UAC is a fundamental part of Windows 10 security control and helps mitigate the impact of malware.

ID Agent

ID Agent scours the to find if your user credentials have been exposed and up for sale on the dark web. It searches the dark corners of the internet for your company user names and email addresses, and provides you – and us – a regular report of anything it uncovers. This notification allows you to know when your user logins have been compromised so they can change their passwords prior to an intrusion attempt.

3Nines Technologies uses Kaseya VSA software to provide remote management and configuration of end-point devices such as computers and servers.

Kaseya VSA

3Nines Technologies installs Kaseya VSA agent on each of your endpoint devices such servers and desktop computers. It monitors various parameters of the devices and notifies our support desk in case of disk failures, hard drives getting full, or loss of internet access. VSA generates a ticket in our tracking system and an engineer is assigned to check your network for problems.

This allows us to be proactive in managing and monitoring your network rather than reactive after systems fail and your business is down.

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