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Monitoring & Backup

Don't just get the point. Get Point 9™ Monitoring

Point 9™ Network Monitoring Service from 3Nines Technologies gives you peace of mind that a professional, technical staff is watching your network every day. Want an economical solution from a local vendor you can trust? Have 3Nines network engineers watch critical parameters of your file server, desktops or other network components. Is your disk running out of space? Has a service stopped running that would bring your email down? Is a disk drive failing? Is your backup working? Let 3Nines monitor your network resources so up-time is 3NINES (99.9%)!

Add POINT 9™ Network Monitoring to your network today and RELAX…. 3Nines is keeping an eye on your network, so you don’t have to! Let our experts monitor your network for issues that when caught early enough, can mean the difference between a healthy network… and one that is dead in the water. The system continuously monitors your network file server and reports back to our monitoring station which will alert a 3Nines engineer when there is a problem. We can monitor your workstations as well! Call 3Nines today!

We’ll know about problems before they become disasters…

Monitor MS Exchange

Disk Drive errors

Server Event Logs

Internet Connectivity Check

Anti-Virus Updates

Asset Inventory

Workstation Monitoring

Remote offices connections

Hacker warnings

Our POINT 9 Network Monitoring service allows our network engineers to be immediately notified when there is a problem on your server or your network. We can begin work to fix potential server and network issues, sometimes before you are aware of the problem! All for less than a cup of coffee a day!

Just 79.95 / month!*

*Less with monthly maintenance agreement.