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Managed Services Contract

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To provide protection from today’s advanced malware and ransomware attacks, 3Nines Technologies  requires a monthly service contract from all of our clients.  We are no longer able to provide “break-fix” service to non-contract clients and still maintain the level of service needed to protect our contract clients. We are in such a challenging security environment – that is constantly getting more dangerous – that we must become proactive in our approach to security. We can no longer afford to be reactive for our sake and our customer’s sake.  

In other words, if your company doesn’t have a managed service contract with 3Nines Technologies, we will no longer be able to dispatch a technician to fix computer problems, nor will we be able to provide telephone help desk support.   I know this is difficult news for some clients. It has been a difficult decision for us to make. But the growing security challenges facing our clients leave us with no choice. We cannot take on the responsibility to fix broken or hacked systems that could have been protected by proactive procedures and monitoring.  

How do you know if you have a contract?  

Many of our clients pay us monthly for backup services, anti-virus services, email filtering, or even software licenses. These monthly fees are NOT a service contract.  

If you have a monthly contract, it will say CONTRACT on your invoice, and you should have signed a copy of the contract explaining our responsibilities and your commitment. If you are not sure, ask us. We will have a copy of the contract on file.  

What if we don’t have a contract?  

If you don’t have a contract, we can review our various contract offerings with you. We have different levels of contracts designed to meet the needs of a wide variety and size of businesses. These contracts are designed to offer you monthly security monitoring, remote phone support, and advanced software and hardware protection from a variety of threats. Some contracts include on-site support at no charge, while other contracts provide remote monitoring and support and discounts for any on-site service needed. We can usually provide a contract that fits most business budgets.  

What if we do not want a monthly contract?  

We understand that some of our clients will choose not to purchase a monthly service contract from 3Nines Technologies. In that case, we will help you transition to another vendor who provides “break-fix” repairs. We can provide you with the login information, network topology, and other support information that another provider will need.