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Managed Services

What We Do

Managing network infrastructure is our core competency. The computer support industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. Instead of calling a services company to come fix a technical problem every time something goes wrong, many companies prefer to hire a ‘Managed Services Provider’ such as 3NINES.  An MSP (Managed Services Provider) becomes the virtual IT department for the customer. Technology advancements now enable an MSP to be able to manage client networks remotely. Like the ‘check engine’ light in your car, MSP’s receive warning notices when a technical problem arises. Whether it is a virus, the hard drive space running low or a process on the server that has stopped running – all of these occurrences are not good. These monitors and notifications allow the MSP to be alerted and start to work on problems right away.

Network Support

Point9 Managed Agreements provide the ultimate in IT support.


Local 3NINES employees operate our help desk during business hours. After hours support available, too!

Monthly Managed Service Agreements

• Point9™ Managed Services Agreement

• Point9™ Proactive Business

• Point9™ Proactive Dental

How We Can Help

Asset Inventory

A complete IT asset inventory: always up-to-date!

Proactive Consulting

We provide expert guidence on IT best practices.

Vendor Management

We talk tech with your vendors so you don’t have to.

Ticketing Systems

Advanced ticketing system integrated into advanced automation system designed to fix routine problems without human intervention.

Data Backups

Access the most advanced backup and recovery system on the market. We make sure it is working so you don’t have to!

Network Support

Networking, it’s what we do. 3NINES designs, installs, and provides support. Technology solutions for your business!