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Let’s get that Quickbooks backed up on the Server!

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Let’s get that Quickbooks backed up on the Server!

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Dusty Thurman was on a call with a client installing our Unitrends backup device. Designed to back up the client’s file server, Unitrends allows 3Nines Technologies support desk to monitor the nightly backups and take pro-active action in case of a failed backup. This helps ensure that important data is not only backed up each night, but that it is monitored and verified and logged into a ticketing system that the data was in fact backed up. And if the data doesn’t get backed up, our help desk is notified of this fact and a ticket is generated to find out why and fix the problem.

As per our normal procedures, Dusty asked the office staff if there was any critical data on desktop computers that needed to be included in the backup.

“I have Quickbooks loaded on my computer” volunteered one of the office staff.

Moving Quickbooks files from a stand-alone workstation the the file server allowed unattended, monitored backups of critical accounting data.

Dusty took a look at the setup and decided to move the data files to the server so they would get automatically backed up each night, even if the Quickbook user’s computer was turned off or disabled. He mapped a drive to the server and told Quickbooks about the new location of the data file. Altogether it took him just a few minutes of extra work and now the client has their complete accounting data backed up and protected off-site each evening.

Just another small “extra” provided by an alert 3Nines Engineer to ensure our customers are secure and protected with their critical data.