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IT Strategies That Support Business Growth

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IT Strategies That Support Business Growth

  • by Jason Robison |
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With small businesses typically understaffed, running on tight margins, and not enough time in a day to get everything completed, there is a daily fight to balance it all and still be profitable.  Growing a small business is incredibly difficult. When you don’t have the right operational and technical strategies in place it makes growth even harder.

We recently met a business that is experiencing rapid growth and is struggling to scale its technology needs to support it. They outsourced their I.T. (information technology) operations early on. Unfortunately, their I.T. provider could not keep up with how quickly the business was growing.  Their IT provider was a very small business themselves!   So, they decided to let the I.T. provider go and to hire internal staff to manage the I.T. network.  Big mistake.  Over the next year, they experienced a high turnover of I.T. staff and a lack of direction. The leadership concluded that they didn’t know what to look for in an I.T. professional or how to manage an I.T. staff.  Many people in I.T. think they have all the tools and know-how to be the ‘I.T. Manager’ for a company.  They usually don’t.  Management threw up their hands in frustration and made the right call…to call 3Nines.

When choosing an MSP (Managed Service Provider), they should demonstrate how their staff can handle your needs not only now, but also when your business doubles in size. Business growth is something your technology needs to be prepared for. How many techs do they have?  How many customers do they support?   Are they ‘desktop’ techs or “network engineers”?   There is a difference!  The right MSP will help you implement the right I.T. strategies to support your business now and into the future.