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Is your computer a crypto-mining machine?

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Is your computer a crypto-mining machine?

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Your computer may mining crypto-currency and you may not even know it.

As the popularity and value of cryptocurrencies has grown, so has the number of illicit crypto-miners who use phishing emails to infiltrate and recruit their victim’s computers to become a silent crypto-mining machine. Once compromised, these machines perform the needed mathematical calculations needed for crypto-currencies, and in turn the crypto-miner gets paid in crypto-currency. In other words, the miners use your computer to make them money. You won’t even know it except that your computer may seem to slow down significantly, use excessive electricity and wear out sooner. The miner would prefer you not know they are using your computer as a mining machine, so you may just think your computer is getting old and slow, when in fact it is working harder than ever. And of course, if your computer has been compromised for crypto-mining, it is only a matter of time that it then becomes infected with ransomware – encrypting all your data until you pay a hefty fee to decrypt the data.

Let 3Nines Technology help you detect and prevent crypto-mining attacks

3Nines Technology uses sophisticated artificial intelligence anti-malware software from SentinelOne to protect your computer from malware attacks. For a small monthly fee, we monitor your computer for attacks. Unlike older signature-based anti-virus software that uses a known virus signature to protect against malware, SentinelOne uses advanced AI to detect unusual behavior and stop the threat before it does damage or spreads further. With our managed desktop service, our Network Operations Center will be notified of the attempted attack, a service ticked will be created, and we clean your computer and if necessary, restore any data from backups.

Key takeaways:

  • Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity.
  • Illicit crypto-mining allows a cybercriminal to make money using your computer.
  • You may not even know your computer is used for crypto-mining.
  • 3Nines Technology uses AI-based anti-malware tools to stop attacks based on behavior, not anti-virus signatures.