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Is your backup really “backed up”?

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Is your backup really “backed up”?

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Your server and workstation backups of all your critical data are all set and have been running for months or even years. It has never given you any trouble. It just runs and “does its thing”. Right?

Maybe. If you are lucky.

3Nines Technology can monitor your backups from our Network Operations Center to ensure they are being completed successfully.
3Nines Technology can monitor your backups from our Network Operations Center to ensure they are being completed successfully.

System backups are a critical task and the final line of defense in case of a catastrophic system failure or worse yet, a ransomware attack. While backups should run unattended in the background, they should also be monitored for errors or even failure. You do have someone monitoring your backups to ensure they are completed each night, don’t you?

Terry Sullentrop, CEO of 3Nines Technology, tells about a client who “thought” they were getting backups done each night.

“This was back in the day of tape backups. Each night a secretary would insert a tape into the server. The next morning, she walked in and the tape was ejected, so she assumed the backup was working. Nobody bothered to check the backup logs. One day the server crashed. When we went to restore from the backup tapes, we discovered the tapes were bad. The server had been ejecting the tapes and failing backup. The client lost two years’ worth of critical data because they “thought” they were getting a good backup every night but failed to monitor the process.”

Failure to have a working, verified backup can mean disaster to a company. Critical client and accounting data can be lost. Important employee files can be compromised or lost. Worst case, you cannot even function as a business and take care of customer requests. In other words – potential disaster.

The Benefits of 3Nines monitored backups

3Nines Technologies offers backup monitoring services to our clients. We provide an on-site backup device that receives backups from your workstations and servers, and then sends that data off-site to the Unitrends cloud for safekeeping. The logs from your backup processes are sent each day to our Network Operations Center and any irregularities are flagged in our monitoring system and a ticket is created for one of our engineers to investigate the problem. Your contact person receives an email notification of the problem and will automatically be notified of the resolution once our technicians solve the problem. In most cases can even spin up a “virtual server” for you to use while your existing server is being repaired. This allows you to keep working and taking care of your clients even with a critical server failure.

With this level of automated monitoring and notification, you can rest assured that your critical data is being protected from disaster and cyber-attacks.