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Service Request Form


3Nines no longer provides ‘by the hour’ computer services. You must be a current 3Nines customer with a labor agreement in place to use this service request form.   If you would like to find out more about 3Nines support service agreements, please contact us at sales@3ninestech.com.   3Nines clients can request service by sending an email to support@3ninestech.com to create a service ticket / request.  If you send an email to support@3ninestech.com , please provide all of the information requested in the form displayed on this page.  You will be contacted promptly to update you on your request.

Should you want to talk more specifically about your service experience with us, please contact Daniel Olson, Help Desk Manager at 405-488-8000 ext. 102 or email Daniel at dolson@3ninestech.com .