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Experience and Expertise

3NINES provides small and medium-sized business clients with the experience and expertise to keep your computer and technology assets working. We have best-in-class offerings and a technical staff that is unsurpassed.

Managed Services

Instead of calling a services company to come fix a technical problem every time something goes wrong, many companies prefer to hire a ‘Managed Services Provider’ such as 3NINES.  An MSP (Managed Services Provider) becomes the virtual IT department for the customer.

3NINES Service Help Desk

Local IT engineers and technicians are just a call away. Use our service help desk email form on our website or give us a call. Remote support is our specialty, but if the need requires an on-site visit, we’ll be there. Our service tracking system monitors your call from start to finish! 3NINES: Technology Solutions for your Business!

Discover the Difference

Managed Services

As a managed services provider, 3NINES provides a variety of services for our business clients. Our managed service offerings are structured to give our clients great services at affordable rates. Get in touch with 3NINES today to learn more about our managed services provider options.

Product Purchasing Support

Here at 3NINES, we can help you with all your product purchasing needs. From computers to telephones, from software to printers, Microsoft licensing and more. 3NINES provides product purchasing activities for many of our clients.

Dental Services

For the past several decades, 3NINES has been providing support, outsourced IT, and network implementation solutions for Dentists throughout Oklahoma. 3NINES integrated solutions ensure you are provided with the latest technology for your office. Our comprehensive service offerings include much more than IT Support.

Technology that Fosters Efficiency

3NINES has spent the last 20 years perfecting the art of providing technology services. Our services offer a fully staffed, full-time IT department for our customers at a fraction of the cost of having your own employees. Don’t worry about vacation time off, sickness, payroll costs, insurance, etc. We have invested heavily in technology solutions for our clients. The technology we use to keep our clients IT infrastructures working is the best you can buy. We work hard to make sure your IT infrastructure/network is up 99.9% (3NINES!)

Does your company need an IT department?

Many of our customers have demonstrated the cost savings in outsourcing IT services. Many have said it just can’t be done. You can’t affordably hire all the staff expertise that you need compared to the price that 3NINES can bring our army of experience and talent to your doorstep. Dealing with employee issues, sickness, vacation and not to mention the complexities of today’s computer networks, is not something you should even worry about. If you are a large entity with big profits, then likely you can afford the luxury of your own staff. But even then, there will be technologies and projects that you just can’t handle with existing staff. Call 3Nines today and find out just how affordable outsourcing your IT services can be.

Get In Touch

3NINES provides small and medium-sized business clients with the experience and expertise to keep your computer and technology assets working. Whether your business needs a total managed services option, expert advice on technology decisions, IT budget or best practices, 3NINES has the best offerings in the business! We are looking for companies that want a technology partner. When we partner with our clients, we get the best outcomes. Best in class offerings and a technical staff that is unsurpassed. Call the recognized leader. Call 3NINES today for a free assessment of your technology product and support needs. You’ll be glad you did!